About Us

Welcome to GaminGTruck4u. We will start this small company to offer a service of renting a trailer with an amazing video game experience for special events and audiences of all ages. The trailer will be equipped with 4K high resolution televisions and videogame consoles of last generation 4K. To this, we add the main attraction of a computer tower with an Intel 8th processor core generation i7 (with graphic card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 combined with Virtual Reality OCULUS Rift S). This will ensure an ultimate user experience with the latest technology in the market.

There is no need for a physical location since we will bring this technology to the client’s location, whether is a party at home, work, church, school or any special event. All this technology will be available in a state of the art trailer equipped with air conditioning, power plant and comfortable seating.

Our main customers will be families with 8-15 year old children and adults from 18-50 years old. There is a tremendous growth in the popularity of gaming and we will cater to a wide range of preferences. We will have games of all kinds and classified by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), which provides concise and objective information about the content of video games. That leaves a wide market of potential customers.

I am Carlos Ramirez, entrepreneur and future owner of GaminGTruck4u. We are a small company but we believe there is a great potential for growth and scaling up the operation. As a gamer born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 07,1981, this was the best time to see the evolution of video games first hand. Those of us gamers of the 80’s were the ones who helped create multiplayer games between consoles. We were the generation that met at friends’ houses, 10 to 15 friends at a time, taking turns playing together with only one console. It demonstrated to the market that competitive games and consoles were more than necessary. In the beginning, it was Atari, then Nintendo, Sega, Genesis, Game Boy and others. I want to bring similar experiences reminiscent of these times when friends and family enjoyed together but this time with the latest technology in the market for a memorable experience.

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