Gaming Truck For You


Executive Summary

Welcome to GaminGTruck4u.  Our company offer a service of renting a trailer with an amazing video game experience for special events and audiences of all ages.  The trailer will be equipped with 4K high resolution televisions and videogame consoles of last generation 4K.  To this, we add the main attraction of a computer tower with an Intel 8th processor core generation i7 (with graphic card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 combined with Virtual Reality OCULUS Rift S).  This will ensure an ultimate user experience with the latest technology in the market.

We will bring technology to the client’s location, whether is a party at home, work, church, school or any special event.  All this technology will be available in a state of the art trailer equipped with air conditioning, power plant and comfortable seating.

Owner’s Experience and Background

To tell you more about the technical experience, I have been a gamer all my life and therefore very knowledgeable of the technology, the kind of games and the type of service required to make this business successful.  I have worked for the Costco Wholesales company for the last 15 years, working in different departments but always providing excellent customer service. One of those departments was Best’s (electronic dept.), where I sold televisions, ranging from the Plasma VS LCD, the Blueray DVD and the HD DVD and resolutions going from 320 (vhs) 480, 720, 720i, 1080 , 1080i, 1080p, 4K and soon 8K resolution.  And obviously, these included the evolutions of the video consoles and orienting clients on the technical aspects and why they should buy them.

I come from a working-middle class Puerto Rican family.  My parents taught me I had to work hard and be persistent with what I wanted in life.  I have been working since I was 13 years old, when I began distributing newspapers early in the morning before going to school.  Then, I worked in a department store called Capri, where I worked in warehousing and cashier departments.  Then, I worked delivering pizza at Dominos, where soon I was promoted to supervisor for doing an excellent job.  In the year 2004-2005, I graduated from a technical course in alarm (house, car and business) repair.  Since 2004, I had the great opportunity to start working at Costco Wholesales. Within eight years, I rotated through different departments such as food service and auto service/tire installation, with five of those years in a supervisory role.  With the intention of continuing to improve and grow, I moved to the membership department, providing excellent customer service.  In the process of moving from Puerto Rico to Tampa, I taught myself English while at work and was later promoted to the Marketing Department, where I have been for the past 2 1/2 years.  In total, I have been working for 15 years with some of the largest companies in the world in merchandising, marketing and supervisory roles.  Each and every one of my past jobs and experiences have made me the responsible, dedicated and knowledgeable person I am today.

Video Games Parties Delivered.

Birthday Parties,  Events,  Fundraisers,  Schools,  Team Building, Festivals,  Conferences or any group!

Great for any event

SIX widescreen high-def TVs outside and inside in front of custom stadium seats with built-in vibration motors synced to the game action with speakers in front and back.  Game Coach too!

Game Coach Included

The professionally trained ​Game Coach accompanies every event to  thrill and inspire your guests individually with our state-of-the-art Rolling Video Games mobile video game theatre.


The ultimate party for a group to have fun together at birthday parties, events, festivals and more!  There is no activity today that will thrill your crowd the way Rolling Video Games can!